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21 year old, Northern Beaches rapper Lanstan has been steadily carving out a place for himself in Australia's rising hip-hop scene over the last few years. Renowned for his versatility, Lanstan's integration of introspective lyricism with powerful melodies and raw energy has propelled him into the spotlight. 

Debuting with  'Garn Servo' in late 2017, Lanstan was immediately thrust into the public eye, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams online with the satirical, trap banger. Fast forward three years and Lanstan has performed the track to fans all over the country while persisting to release back to back conceptual projects.

In 2020, everything changed for the young artist when he found himself laying vocals over EDM production for the first time in his life. The combination of hard-hitting drops with Lanstan's storytelling and melodies struck a chord with European audiences and exploded to millions of streams on Spotify and other services alike. 

With the music industry in Australia beginning to take notice, there's no telling whats next for the star. Major outlets such as Tonedeaf, NME, Scenstr, Music Feeds and more have all sung their praise for Lanstan's music. 

As Lanstan looks toward the release of his next project, it's clear that the sky is the limit for this burgeoning superstar. 

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