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Drowning in dark melodies and introspective lyrics, Lanstan's style is hard to be defined.


After breaking onto the scene in early 2018 with viral hit 'Garn Servo', Lanstan and collaborator/friend Miles Marmalade followed up with 'The Aussie Tape'. The EP was a fusion of all the new sounds filtering through the underground hip-hop scene that inspired them, with the subject matter of each track revolving around an iconic Australian cultural phenomenon.

The next year Lanstan followed up with his debut project "Dreams", an introspective journey into the recesses of his mind. 

In 2020, Lanstan looks towards releasing his next project. Without the ability to perform due to COVID, he has been preparing all new material and crafting new music. The first two singles "Blueprint" and "Icarus" are out now.

Lanstan's latest release is a collaboration with Italian megastars The FifthGuys and 2nd Life. Fade Away is out on all streaming services now. 


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